Purchasing a New Tag Heuer for Someone You Know

Purchasing a New Tag Heuer for Someone You Know

With a beautiful appeal, a sophisticated class and a high quality make up, you can give the best gift of all when gifting a Tag Heuer watch to someone you know. If you’re stuck on what to get them, then this is the type of watch that is going to provide that classy look that they’re looking for.

Look at what types of Tag Heuer watches are out there for you to choose from when deciding on a present for the person that you know.

The Many Options Available

There are many different types of Tag Heuer watches that can be chosen from, depending on the likes of the person you’re purchasing it for. Choosing the right one that matches their lifestyle and tastes can be a great way to go when choosing the perfect watch for them. Enjoy all that comes from these many different options.


The Carerra and Grand Carerra both provide a sophisticated appeal. They have a high class look and feel that many enjoy. With a hand that smoothly goes around the face of the watch, you can be sure to obtain the right time, every time. With many finishes, this provides an abundance of options to go with when choosing the best look.


The Heritage has an old-world feel to it, which might be ideal for those older gentlemen that you’re purchasing the watch for. With the right look and feel, it just might be their favorite watch. The Heritage provides many different finishes, which can be completed with the best looking watch that you slip on. Check them out to see if they’re the right option to go with.

Mercedes Benz

For those high rollers, the Mercedes Benz is that sleek, custom look that they want. With a shiny appeal and a high class look and feel, the price might not say it all but the look sure does. With the best prices out there, they can get their Mercedes Benz and show it off when the time comes. Gift it to someone you know and love today.


The Aquaracer allows you to know the time when it comes to racing through the waters and being able to check it. With all that the watch provides, you wouldn’t guess that it could be submerged into the water and still continue to tick. With the upscale look that it has, you can say goodbye to the many other watches on the market that do not have such a high class appeal as the Aquaracer.

There are many other options, styles and material make-ups to choose from. Find the one you want to purchase today in the many selections available.

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Michael Kors Paris Limited Edition Runway Watch

Michael Kors Paris Limited Edition Runway Watch

Not a day goes by where I don’t wear my Michael Kors Runway watch, not since I hauled it in this haul video months ago. But now I lust after a different one that I can only hope will replace it, should I ever have the opportunity to upgrade. Inspired by the City of Lights, Paris, this Limited Edition version of the iconic watch features a 2.5mm diamond for a bit of added flare and elegance. I love that it’s still a boyfriend-style watch, with a masculine chronograph face and sleek bezel. It’s classy, without being too blinged out. Check out all the ways I’ve styled my favorite MK timepiece on Instagram (looks here, here, here, and here) with a layered hodge podge of spikes, studs, braided leather straps, and chainlink bracelets. This watch is like mine, but only better, so look out for this fabulous piece that hits Michael Kors stores and MichaelKors.com October 15.

Paris Limited Edition Runway Watch
by Michael Kors

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Photo credit: Michael Kors

FTC Disclosure: Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Michael Kors. This is part of Chelsea Pearl’s entry in the #MKTimeless program.

La Mer Turquoise Crystal Chain Wrap Watch

Turquoise Crystal Chain Wrap Watch

2011 has been a big year for my ever growing watch collection and a La Mer Collection watch is the last on my list! Martine Ilana, the designer behind all the fabulous La Mer watches, gathers her inspiration from a sequence of globetrotting adventures. “Timepieces set the rhythm of my life, but they remain, above all, pieces of jewelry with which I develop a genuine connection,” says Ilana. You can see exactly what she means when you look at this stunning Turquoise Wrap Watch. It’s so much more than a simple band and face. The mixed metal strands and turquoise chains will be the perfect accent to any outfit you pair it with!

Turquoise Crystal Chain Wrap Watch
by La Mer

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Photo credit: shopbop

Molly Chrono Leather Strap Watch

Molly Chrono Leather Strap Watch

Here goes our first watch post, paying homage to one of our favorite funky lines – MARC  BY MARC JACOBS. The double hooked harness that grabs the matte black bezel is probably one of my favorite elements to this geek yet chic watch. I’m really digging the cuff-like leather wrist strap juxtaposed with the chronograph face; just an ounce of Agent 007 adorned with a pearly metallic pink. The pink dials and MARC buttons really finish the piece off on a nice note. Totally unique, and totally wearable. I just adore it.

p.s. where are all my watch snobs out there? Should we start a Watch Wednesday featurette? Tell us what you think!

Molly Chrono Leather Strap Watch
in Black (also available in Black/Gold and White)

OMG buy me THIS.

Photo credit: Nordstrom