Erickson Beamon Razors Edge Earrings

Erickson Beamon Razors Edge Earrings

I knew these earrings were a hit when I pinned them and I quickly saw tons and tons of repins, so I simply had to share them on the blog as well. These studs by designer Erickson Beamom are fantastically fashion-forward with a vintage vibe. They’re large, bold and funky, coated in 24k gold and Swarovski crystals. Large chandelier earrings come and go, but I feel like studs and post earrings are always in and are much easier to wear. Whether they’re hiding out behind your hair, or the focal point with a sleeked back pony tail, these are earrings that will get some attention.

Razors Edge Earrings
in Gold
by Erickson Beamon

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Photo credit: Shopbop

Red Queen Necklace

Red Queen Necklance

Spice up any outfit with this amazing piece of work. A necklace featuring Alice’s flower garden through the keyhole, hematite chains, ruby pearls, light amethyst, swarovski crystals and gold safety pins.

Tom Binns for Disney Couture, Alice in Wonderland line.


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