Edobio Saketernal Skincare Starter Kit

Last year we discovered the elegant simplicity of EDOBIO and their brand deeply rooted in traditional Japanese beauty methods. They also harness sustainability and science with using natural botanical ingredients and cutting edge biotechnology. The EDOBIO Masu Soap was an OMG hit so we are back today to share their Saketernal Skincare Starter Kit which is the perfect discovery set for a start to finish skin care routine. The four step system is perfect for normal to dry skin as it promotes both radiance and moisture. This premium set includes the luxurious moisturizing soufflé soap, radiance booster mask, fresh balancing toner, and intensive hydration serum. With the Saketernal line, the products are fortified with a proprietary lactic acid bacteria derived from sake. Sakekasu is a natural superfood rooted in the Edo period. It’s a by-product of sake fermentation and production, naturally rich in peptides, amino acids, and vitamins. So not only are these products luxurious, they’re insanely nourishing to the skin. We just love the luxurious modern take on skin care that’s not only beautiful, but also pays homage to tradition and history. This set makes an incredible gift and EDOBIO offers free worldwide shipping on orders $30 or more.

Saketernal Skincare Starter Kit
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EDOBIO Masu Soap

EDOBIO Masu Soap

The future of skin care? Think outside the bottle, but don’t forget to also look back in time! As a huge fan of Japanese skin care, I’m excited to share this luxurious product as today’s OMG find. EDOBIO’s luxury soap is produced in Japan, thoughtfully made by hand from premium natural and plant-based ingredients. Inspired by the art and beauty of the Edo period in Japan, the line pays homage to the minimalism and simplicity of ancient beauty rituals, purposefully developing products with modern biotechnology techniques and advancements. The result? Gorgeous luxury beauty products with thoughtfully sourced ingredients for everyday skin concerns. But what’s more important to me is how their products actually work. This product in particular is a mild and luxurious foamy soap, perfectly suitable for sensitive skin on both the face and body. The powerhouse ingredient in the FLORADIANCE moisturizing soufflé soap is BiProGE, a lactic acid bacteria and cultured yeast based compound found in no other brand. It aids in both moisture retention and skin elasticity, but also helps cleanse away impurities and excess sebum. They use neither synthetic fragrances nor dyes, and no harsh foaming agents such as sulfates. Just rub your bar of soap into the included foaming net to produce that fluffy, whipped, cloud-like soufflé experience. Not only is the product a little luxury moment you can enjoy every day, a single bar lasts a long time and is essentially zero waste. This product is just all around gorgeously done and it’s the little spa-like experience at home we could all appreciate right now.

FLORADIANCE moisturizing soufflé soap with foaming net

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Sinister Bath Soaps

Goat's Milk Honey Sinister Bath Soaps

You know I love all things indie, so that’s why I’m excited to share another new indie label with you today! While the Sinister Bath Soap brand is marketed towards men, I think the scents are incredibly versatile and suitable for any gender or lifestyle. There are 12+ scents to choose from and all are 100% natural. The Goat’s Milk Honey soap is formulated with olive oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil, goat’s milk, glycerin, and date blossom oil among several other oil ingredients, so you know it’ll be gentle on the skin. Of all the scents offered, none appear too sweet, which I love because I don’t want to smell like a strong bakery scent 24/7. Any of these soaps will make an awesome affordable gift or stocking stuffer this holiday season, for the man in your life who doesn’t normally invest in little luxuries like this!

Bath Soaps
by Sinister Bath Soaps

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post brought to you by Sinister Bath Soaps. While I was compensated for this post, all opinions expressed are my own.