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Shoe Cleaner Kit with Brush by Clean Kicks

Like that one pair of jeans we love so much, what about those sneakers you wear to absolute death? Whether you’re a sneakerhead or just love taking care of the shoes you have, this 2-piece Sneaker Cleaning Kit by Clean Kicks is for you. It’s not only affordable, it’s effective too. Firstly, the shoe cleaning solution is made to break down any kind of buildup your shoes may collect. Second, it’s gentle on skin because it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or dyes. When it comes to the wooden brush, those synthetic bristles are really going to help loosen up and remove dirt and grime from all the nooks and crannies. Additionally, this duo is designed to work on essentially any shoe material such as rubber, leather, suede, canvas, and more. Clean Kicks is not just limited to sneakers, either. You can use this shoe cleaner kit on boots, heels, cleats, sandals, and all sorts of other footwear. So get this kit and refresh your shoe wardrobe without having to actually purchase any new pairs. Taking great care of the shoes you already own is easier than you think, especially with Clean Kicks.

Sneaker Cleaning Kit
by Clean Kicks

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Tildon ‘Dash’ Flat


As silly as it sounds, I still have a really hard time with color. However shoes like these Tildon Dash flats are a great way for me to incorporate things like a hot orange or flower print into my outfit, and still feel like myself. I’m also a huge fan of the pointy toe flat and have been seeing a ton of them around. They elongate your legs much more than a standard rounded toe flat, which I’m sure anybody would appreciate. Tildon in general has been a line I’ve turned to many times so far this year. Next time you find yourself browsing your local Nordstrom, make sure to check it out!

Dash Flat
by Tildon
$49.95 33.47

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Photo credit: Nordstrom

Ivonne Hidden-Platform Wedge

Pour la Victoire Ivonne Hidden-Platform Wedge

Having people like Chelsea and Jennifer (of JustAddGlam) in my life, I’ve slowwwwly become quite the shoe addict. Being 5′ 9” and having had two knee surgeries in the past, wedges are my new best friend. I can last all day in them and they can still pull an outfit together just like a pair of sexy stilettos! This pair from Pour La Victoire is top of my wishlist for fall. There’s nothing like a sleek pair of patent leather shoes to step up your shoe game!

Ivonne Hidden-Platform Wedge
by Pour La Victoire
$250.00 $150.00

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Photo credit: Neiman Marcus

Nova Pumps in Nude shoes

It’s finally time to break out those gorgeous creams and whites for summer! Flip flops, breezy linen, sarongs… it doesn’t get much better than that. Nude heels have always held a sweet spot in my heart, and these Nova pumps are no exception. throw on your favorite white capris, cute little top and your good to go!

Matiko Pumps in Nude
by Nova

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Pelle Moda Kenda Suede Booties

Pelle Moda Kenda Suede Booties

Booties. They come in all shapes and sizes, and I’ll never forget my first pair (BCBGirls!) I snabbed up a few  years ago with my Nordies employee discount during college. The booties, pictured above, caught my attention because they are so basic yet are unlike any pair I yet own. These slender suede booties peek just a little above the ankle, and might even slim down the biggest of calves with the 5.5″ stacked heel and a boost from a 1.5″ platform. I love the elastic gore insets at the upper, giving the black boot some dimension and extra ease when slipping on. Perfect worn bare, with stockings, or under slacks (if you must).

Kenda Suede Booties
by Pelle Moda

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Photo credit: Shopbop