Once you get in a routine with your skin care, autopilot can be somewhat easy to maintain. But what about when you loose a little momentum? Recent events of 2020 and 2021 have caused a lot of us to pull back on our regular salon and spa treatments. Many of us are a little lost with the practice of self care. Feet are often the first area to be neglected. Let’s Be Pedi is a 3-step system by ATAERA BELLA aiming to help get your pedicure-at-home game back on point. They use natural plant based and cruelty free ingredients that deliver both the nourishment our feet needs and the aromatherapy experience we crave. Starting with the Foot Soak, this herbal blend replenishes dry and cracked feet with a blend of calendula, epsom salt, and lemon. You can follow the soak with the Foot Scrub, an antioxidant-rich gentle exfoliator to buff away rough calloused patches. It contains açai berry, lemon, and lavender for yet another invigorating scent experience. Finally, you can finish your pamper routine with the lovely Foot Butter. The richly hydrating shea butter blend contains calendula, eucalyptus, and lemon. It replenishes and seals in moisture for hours. You can use it on your hands and elbows too! This powerhouse trio will have you sandal-ready in no time.

Let’s Be Pedi: Foot Soak, Foot Scrub, & Foot Butter
$13 – $18 // $45 for the bundle

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Yes To Tomatoes Clear Skin Daily Pore Scrub

Yes To Tomatoes Clear Skin Daily Pore Scrub

Let’s be honest: affordable natural skin care products are hard to come by. Yes, it was much more difficult years ago, but now consumers have told brands what they want and natural products are much more easier to come by at stores like Walgreens, Target, or even Walmart. Yes To is one of my favorite natural skin care lines for products that are good for you, good to the environment, easily accessible, and affordable for everyone. I recently tried a sample packet of this Yes To Tomatoes scrub and it might be my new overall drugstore fave. It contained fine circular granules in a runny jelly solution that worked fabulous as a gentle exfoliant, mild enough for most people to use every day. Formulated with ingredients to treat acne like salicylic acid, other ingredients like ginger root and bisabolol help reduce redness; both major skin concerns in my world. The product is also cruelty free and paraben free; two necessary criteria items for most of the products I buy these days.

Yes To Tomatoes Clear Skin Daily Pore Scrub
by Yes To Inc

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Photo credit: Walgreens