Michael Kors Plate Jelly Sandals

MICHAEL Michael Kors Sandals - MK Plate Jelly

I’m officially in full swing vacation mode this month and am totally loving it! There’s one thing about east coast summers however, the humidity makes it really difficult to choose the right outfit. Flats are waaay to hot, heels are just not an option most days, so that leaves us with sandals! These MK jelly shoes take me right back to the 6th grade, but with some seriously upgraded style. The bronze color is definitely my fav, but the pink and white are also so fun! Stylish, great for the heat, awesome price, and so comfy!

Plate Jelly Sandals
in Bronze/Pink/White
by Michael Kors

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Photo credit: Bloomingdales

Dorothy Perkins Leopard Ankle Strap Sandals

Dorothy Perkins Leopard Ankle Strap Sandals

I only discovered Dorothy Perkins just recently, but I’ve already found some must-haves from the label including these chic sandals. If you couldn’t already tell, I’m a bit of a freak for animal prints, and the leopard strap on these sandals are just the right amount of sass to top off an outfit with. Animal print can be used as a neutral anchor in tying together an outfit (think colorblocking and breaking up the colors with a leopard or cheetah accessory, like a belt), but use with caution and don’t overdo it. These sandals would look fabulous with just about any pedi shade (classic red, neon orange, petal pink) and summer ensemble. Just leave the leopard purse, cami, or bikini at home that day.

Leopard Ankle Strap Sandals
by Dorothy Perkins

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Photo credit: Dorothy Perkins

Steve Madden Bethany Sandal

Steve Madden Bethany Sandal


Summer is around the corner (lucky for you school kids and grads already enjoying vacation) and I’ve found just the right go-to minimalistic sandal for me. The Bethany Sandal by Steve Madden comes in a sandy brown leather with raw edges and seems like the perfect style to wear with classic summer cutoffs & a tee. I love the cross straps and buckle around the ankle which give it a finished, but still easy-going, look. These are perfect for the days when you want to go romp around in the sun, not deliberate indoors over what you’re going to wear.

Bethany Sandal
by Steve Madden

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Photo credit: SWELL

Belle By Sigerson Morrison T-Strap Sandals

Belle By Sigerson Morrison T-Strap Sandals

T-straps are a huge trend in the shoe world this year and I just can’t wait to wear ’em. I found this lovely sandal by Belle by Sigerson Morrison and I’m featuring two different colors and feels since I adore both versions. They have both a soft leather sand and a purple/royal blue suede finish sandal which will go with virtually any colors. Clearly, the former can be worn everyday while the latter can be used as a signature pop of color in an outfit. And of course, there’s always colorblocking. Not sure how to do it? Here’s a quick tip to colorblock like a pro: look at the opposite side of the colorwheel for the best color to juxtapose against the first color. So for this bright purpley shade, I may try to incorporate a yellow or another bright hue nail polish to really make these sandals pop.

T-Strap Sandals
in Sand, Purple
by Belle By Sigerson Morrison

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Photo credit: YOOX

FINSK 252-106

FINSK 252-106

If I was granted one wish, to own one pair of couture, runway-worth heels, these bad boys would be what I’d ask for at this very moment. The stacked platform, mustard obtuse triangle cut out, and the fabric and straps to wrap the foot all come together in a tasteful but funky manner. You could look fresh to death wearing these with a basic strapless LBD/LWD or peeking out underneath a plain maxi. Futuristic, avant garde, and sexy. Fergie, Beyonce, Katy and Gaga’d better watch out.

in Black or Nude

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Photo credit: Solestruck

Opal Linen Wedge Sandals

Opal Linen Wedge Sandals

I’m currently blogging from South Lake Tahoe, CA, where it’s pretty apparent that spring has arrived. The sun is shining, the snow is melting, and people are wearing noticeably less layers skiing on the slopes. All of it just gets me thinking… it’s time for spring, moreover my first pedicure of 2011 to get my feet in shape for showing off. DVF strikes hot with these platform wedge sandals, with beige linen straps and a sleek asymmetrical wooden heel. Whether donned with skinnies, capris or a romper, these beauts just exude chic.

Opal Linen Wedge Sandals
by Diane von Furstenberg

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Photo credit: Net-A-Porter

Gabriella Platform Sandals

Vera Wang Lavender Gabriella Platform Sandal

I tried on these bad boys at Nordstrom Rack in downtown SF last night, and I literally whimpered while leaving the store because I couldn’t buy these. At only $199, it was a homerun for such a sexy heel, and now I’m in a jam because I can only find them in size 6.5 and 9 online. Admittedly, we’re all a little sick of gladiator style sandals, but these are so sleek and sexy it almost makes you forget about the never ending fad.

If you can find this shoe in stock and/or cheaper online, please let me know!

Gabriella Platform Sandals
in black
by Vera Wang Lavender
$425.00 $199.90

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Photo credit: Nordstrom