Elizabeth Anne Shoes Purse n’ Boots Brown Walking Boots

Elizabeth Anne Shoes Brown Walking Boots

Classic tall riding boots are a shoe I could live in all year here in San Francisco. Even on the tail end of spring and the cusp of summer, we get some really odd freezing cold days where the coastal fog takes over and any stranger might think it was a typical day in February. And as a SF girl on the go, I also like carrying just my bare necessity items with me if I’m meeting up for drinks, dinner, or dessert with friends at night; you won’t catch me ever going out with a humongous purse. The same goes for when I’m out running errands; I find my purse just gets in the way and it’s one more thing to carry. That’s why when I found these boots by Canadian designer and entrepreneur Elizabeth Anne, I knew they were designed with the city girl in mind. These are innovative and stylish boots with slim pockets for your bare essentials built inside!

Scheduled for release this September, these classic brown leather riding boots with this innovative slim pocket feature are available for preorder now. The ‘European’ style boot, pictured above, features the designers signature “Purse n’ Boots” creation: a handy pouch in the shaft of the boot with slots for your credit card, passport, and smartphone. As in, it will work for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Blackberry users! Made of a genuine cowhide leather, I just love the vintage finish these boots have. They’re not only practical, but very stylish! What’s also wonderful is that there are two calf sizes available  which few shoe manufacturers offer, ever. I think I will absolutely live in these when it comes to going out year-round in SF. Perfect for rocking with a dress, jacket, and you’re out the door… no purse needed!

Purse n’ Boots – The European
in Beautiful Brown Leather
by Elizabeth Anne Shoes

OMG buy me THIS.

Photo credit: Elizabeth Anne Shoes

Frye Shirley Riding Boots

Frye Shirley Riding Boots

After experiencing several different climates this past weekend it has come to my attention that the only way to really deal with this, is to have a pair of killer leather boots. Yes it is definitely hard to fork over that credit card, but in the long run a purchase like this is worth it. Frye has always been known for their amazing and unique leather boots ranging in styles from moto, to clogs to riding. The Shirley’s are my new favorite because you can match them with a cute sundress on warm days, or bundle up in leggins and sweaters with them on the colder ones. They will quickly become your go to shoes for any occasion. Zappos makes it happen, especially during this time of year, watch out for those sales!

Shirley Riding Boots
by Frye

OMG buy me THIS.

Photo credit: Zappos