Purse Raincoat by CloverSac

Purse Rain Cover by CloverSac

The rainy season is now upon us, and it’s usually the time to switch up our shoes, coats, and other outerwear accessories. But have you ever heard of or seen a raincoat for your purse? If you own a Birkin, there’s a good chance you have an accessory like this, but if you don’t, CloverSac has you covered. This water-resistant rain cover pulls right over most medium sized bags, and is easily secured by a velcro closure, keeping your handbag protected from water damage. In fact, rainwater that falls from the sky isn’t entirely pure, it actually may contain trace amounts of acid from pollution in the air, which may result in permanent stains on your bag. So never get caught off guard again! This accessory is great for your carry-on handbag as well, because you never know when the weather may change when traveling to a new destination or climate.

Purse Raincoat
by CloverSac

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TopShop: Matt Stripe Lined Plastic Mac


It seems that the rainy season decided to take a vacation this year and completely skip out on us San Franciscans. Never the less, having a stylish rain coat is definitely a must! This super fun bright blue piece from Topshop caught my eye immediately. I mean seriously, what an amazing color. I also really dig this length, not quite trench but not too short. Overall, the Matt Stripe-Lined Plastic Mac (say that three times fast) looks like a great addition to my Topshop Wishlist!

Matt Stripe-Lined Plastic Mac
in Bright Blue
by Topshop
£45.00 / $90.00

OMG buy me THIS.

Photo credit: TOPSHOP