Hermes Authentication Service

Hermes Authentication Service

When it comes to buying handbags online on in-person, you have a lot of retailer choices. Authenticity is one of the hardest things to guarantee, and when you’re spending so much money on handbag confidence in your purchase is everything. I want to share a little bit about this authentication service I just learned about that offers luxury handbag buyers a peace of mind that’s hard to find. Hermes is one of the most sought after luxury brands, and their rare and expensive handbags are just about one-of-a-kind. Considering purchasing one of these bags is a huge decision, and knowing you are getting an authentic product can give you a sense of security in your investment. After all, some luxury handbags hold their value over the years, and some even appreciate in value given their condition and rarity. Hermesexperts provides an authentication service that begins at $49. It’s a wonderful option to those considering buying an Hermes bag, because you can send the product photos over for authentication, before making the purchase. This allows you to shop with added confidence. So shop smarter, not harder!

Hermes Authentication Service
by Hermesexperts

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Purse Raincoat by CloverSac

Purse Rain Cover by CloverSac

The rainy season is now upon us, and it’s usually the time to switch up our shoes, coats, and other outerwear accessories. But have you ever heard of or seen a raincoat for your purse? If you own a Birkin, there’s a good chance you have an accessory like this, but if you don’t, CloverSac has you covered. This water-resistant rain cover pulls right over most medium sized bags, and is easily secured by a velcro closure, keeping your handbag protected from water damage. In fact, rainwater that falls from the sky isn’t entirely pure, it actually may contain trace amounts of acid from pollution in the air, which may result in permanent stains on your bag. So never get caught off guard again! This accessory is great for your carry-on handbag as well, because you never know when the weather may change when traveling to a new destination or climate.

Purse Raincoat
by CloverSac

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Purse Organizer Insert by CloverSac

Purse Organizer Insert by CloverSac

If you have any kind of tote, you know the daily struggle of tossing too many things in and compromising the beautiful shape of your bag. And the struggle is oh-so-real when you realize most bag shapers and purse organizer inserts are too heavy to help. That’s where this item comes in! We recently came across this piece by CloverSac, which is a lightweight solution to all your bag structuring needs. The ‘Emma’ insert pictured above features numerous interior and exterior slots for your wallet, keys, pens, phone, tablet, notebook, and more. There’s even a center layer to the insert which can be removed if you’d prefer one larger compartment for bigger items. With this insert you’ll not only be more organized, you’ll also protect your bag from pen stains, makeup spills, and dust. Whether you need an organizer insert or just a bag shaper base for your Longchamp or Louis Vuitton especially, check out CloverSac!

Purse Organizer Insert
by CloverSac

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City Leather Hobo Bag

Tory Burch City Leather Hobo Bag

Fall is officially here and I’ve officially become re-obsessed with leather totes. In the summer the last thing you want is a heavy bag draped over your shoulder, but once fall rolls around it’s a different story. This Tory Burch leather hobo is exactly what I’ve been looking for… enough room for your laptop, wallet, sunglasses case, plus extra room for all those other fun fall accessories. The other thing I love about this bag is that while it is a hobo, it’s still a really manageable size. Good for shopping dates, dinner dates, and even day trips. The only problem now is, what color to choose?!!

City Leather Hobo Bag
in Purple Dream + Mid Camel
by  Tory Burch

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Photo credit: Cusp by Neiman Marcus

BCBGeneration Karlie Crossroads Tote

BCBGeneration Karlie Crossroads Tote

We sure love handbags around here, but I’m not sure they come any more fun than this one I’m about to share. I’m currently loving this coral and taupe totebag from BCBGeneration because it’s hitting all the summer trends with one easy piece. The chevron pattern is fresh and preppy while the color combo is both neutral and bright. It would look stunning against a crisp white shirt, sandals, sunnies, floppy hat and simple denim, aka my typical summer weekend wear, but it’s perfect for those impromptu beach days and shopping trips alike.

Karlie Crossroads Tote
in Coral/Taupe Combo
by BCBGeneration

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Photo credit: Zappos

Runway Geometry Colorblock Shopper


Leave it to BaubleBar to get me completely obsessed with a handbag and not jewelry. This fantastic DKNY tote was featured in the BaubleBar Facebook Album for their latest NY launch party and I instantly fell in love. This large shopper is straight from the Runway, which means it wont be available for long. Functional, suuuuuper cute, and on point with the 2012 neon trend. Grab yours today before they’re all gone!

Runway Geometry Colorblock Shopper

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Photo credit: DKNY


Balenciaga Arena Giant Maxi Besace

Ok ladies & gents, instead of a normal OMG post today I’ve decided to present you with a challenge! I am a huge fan of the Rachel Zoe Project, as I’m sure many of you are as well. In a bunch of Season 1 and 2 episodes, Taylor is carrying this amazing Balenciaga Arena Giant Maxi bag. It took me forever to figure out what it was, and now that I know what it is I’ve found out that not only is it $1,2500.00, it’s also basically sold out everywhere. I need a great bag that I can throw over my shoulder that wont leave me with bruises if I happen to be carrying boxes of jewelry, computers, books etc.

Your Challenge, Should you Choose to Accept it: Find me a similar style bag, darker colors preferred and post your discoveries in the comments below or @OMGbuymeTHIS on twitter!!

Are you dying to find an item you’ve seen on TV, or a similar item like I’m doing today? Let us know! We would love to help you out in all your fashion quests.

Good luck!