DVF Mongolia Fur Vest

DIANE von FURSTENBERG Mongolia Fur Vest

Running for coffee in 36 degree weather this morning left me remembering that even though it has been SO nice out lately, we still have a long way to go til summer. So what better way to stay warm on a day like this than with a huge, amazingly comfy, fur vest from DVF! This piece is seriously major, the fur is incredible and the shape is nicely cut so you don’t feel all frumpy while wearing it!

Mongolia Fur Vest
by DVF
Was $775 on sale for $465

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Photo credit: Bloomingdales

Day 17: DVF Kipling Top

DVF Kipling Top

Day 17: Something by your Favorite Designer! In my opinion it’s just impossible to have a favorite anything in the fashion world. This fall however one of my icons has really impressed me with all her upcoming and current collections, Mrs. Diane Von Fursenberg! I have been on a flowy top kick this year and this DFV Kipling Top definitely suits my fancy. The cut is really great, the colors are fun yet not over the top and the fabric is just to die for!

Kipling Top in pomme sky pink
by Diane Von Furstenberg

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Photo credit: DVF

Day 7: DVF Kenley animal-print cashmere scarf

Day 7: Something Animal Print! There are many ways to approach animal print in this day and age. For some it’s a more Jersey Shore approach, cheetah print dress, leopard print shoes, zebra print headband, etc. and for others there’s a more refined approach if you will such as select animal print pieces used sporadically thought the wardrobe. This super cute DVF scarf is a perfect selection for either approach! Throw it on with your fav cheetah print mini, or your fav little black dress and your good to go! Once again a big head nod to Mrs. DVF herself for being so versatile 🙂

Kenley animal-print cashmere scarf
by Dianne Von Furstenberg

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Photo credit: Net-a-porter

Drew Bucket Leather Tote

Love at first sight doesn’t even begin to explain how badly I want this bag. From Chanel to Rebecca Minkoff to DVF, fall fashion has been infiltrated by outstanding shades of blue. This bag in particular (shown in matisse blue) is one of the most versatile and comfortable, yet extremely chic bags a girl could ask for. Perfect for those on the go days where everything needs to come along. OMG another win for Mrs. DVF!

Drew Bucket Leather Tote
by Dianne Von Furstenberg

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Photo credit: DVF