MAC ‘Prep + Prime’ Highlighter Radiant Rose

MAC 'Prep + Prime' Highlighter Radiant Rose

The MAC Prep + Prime brush-on highlighter pen has nonstop buzz in the beauty blogger community right now and I’ve definitely caught the fever. Part brightener and part concealer, this pink-tinted product can be brushed on the delicate skin beneath the eyes to help color correct and cancel out any purple or blue pigmentation or under-eye circles you may have. From the numerous video reviews I’ve watched, the consistency looks very pigmented yet extremely creamy and blendable. I’ve only tried a handful of these brush-on brighteners/concealers from the drugstore, so this one by MAC already sounds like it could be a winner. If the pink-tinted element isn’t your thing, check out the same product in the more yellow/neutral undertoned Light Boost.

MAC ‘Prep + Prime’ Highlighter
in Radiant Rose
by MAC

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Photo credit: Nordstrom

NYX Concealer in a Jar

NYX Concealer in a JarHave a flaw that needs concealing? Whether dark circles, blemishes, or hyperpigmentation patches, I have recently been reaching for NYX’s Concealer in a Jar to cover up my imperfections when trying to look my absolute best. The formula of this product is rich, creamy and very pigmented, similar to the MAC Studio Finish concealer, but noticeably more slippery and blendable. It even covers those annoying raised pimples (I’m already embarrassed typing about) which most concealers slide or swipe right off of. Best part is that it’s super affordable and a little product goes a long way. But, are you already flawless? Here’s a neat makeup tip: faintly outline a bold lip with some concealer at the tip of a fine-pointed brush to really accentuate the cupids bow (the dip in your lip at the middle edge of the upper lip, directly below the nose) and outer edges of the mouth, creating the illusion of plumper lips that stand out more. Just in case you’re curious, my shade is “Beige.”

Concealer in a Jar
in 13 different shades
by NYX
$5.50 $4.50

OMG buy me THIS.

Photo credit: Cherry Culture