Here are our most frequently asked questions.

1. Does the internet need another fashion blog?

If it didn’t, would we even be doing this? Don’t answer that… we just both like fashion and wanted a place to brain dump all of the pieces we lust after. Even if we can’t afford them even in a dreamland.

2. Biggest fashion no-nos?

Chelsea: Corporate fashion faux pas really get under my skin. I’ve worked for both uber-conservative companies and super lax startups, so I’ve seen work attire all over the place. Though, stirrups and pumps should never been exposed in the office, no matter the culture (95% of the time.) It just screams stripper and 80’s trash! Save it for the theme parties, please!

3. Favorite fashion icon

Chelsea: One could write a whole novel on this question, so I’ll just leave it to an old school and contemporary favorite: Grace Kelly &  Michelle Obama. Honorary mention: Jackie O & Natalie Portman.

Mallory: This is a tough one for sure, I would start with Coco Chanel as top of the list, and move from there to Christophe Decarnin, Rachel Zoe, Elizabeth Olsen, and Audrey Hepburn.

4. How should I get started blogging?

Chelsea: Quick answer – get on WordPress and start tinkering around. Long answer – start writing for you. Once you start doing that, an audience will come. You might have to do a little outreach, but consistent and quality content trumps all. I don’t have a huge following anywhere, and I have corporate, personal, professional, humor, and fashion (this one) blogs I contribute to. I continue to do it because it makes me happy.

Mallory: If you are going to start a blog, my biggest piece of advice would be to go at it with a vision. If you are just going to start an outfit of the day blog, or try to appeal to a certain audience by writing about what you think they’ll like – it won’t work. There are a zillion fashion blogs out there, the only thing that will make yours stand out is your voice. There is only one of you on this planet, and people want to hear what you think!

5. Are you open to marketing/PR opportunities?

We love checking out the latest fashion trends and being style pioneers, so our ears and feelers are out following the pulse of the scene. We’re open to your ideas so please email us and we can discuss if the opportunity in question is appropriate for OMG buy me THIS. Check out the Contact tab for more information, and thanks for your interest!

6. How do I get featured on OMGbuymeTHIS?

We are always open to fashion suggestions and would love to feature your company/brand! Check out the Contact tab for all the ways to get ahold of us, we can’t wait to hear from you.

7. Do you take Guest Bloggers?

Yes! We are always looking for input from our awesome readers. We’ve featured a few bloggers including Jennifer of JustAddGlam. If you have a fashion blog and would like to do a guest post, please let us know!

8. How do you pick your items each day and where can I buy them?

We pick our items based on our current wants and needs. One day we might be obsessed with a certain designer handbag and the next we might be loving a new nail polish color! All posts and contents are 100% our style and are not dictated by outside partnerships or affiliates. You can buy each item by clicking on the OMG buy me THIS link in each post!

9. Where can we find you guys to network?

Chelsea + Mallory both reside in the Bay Area and can be found out most nights of the week at fashion, tech, and food events. Get ahold of us on Twitter @OMGbuymeTHIS for our up to date whereabouts!