Clean Kicks

Shoe Cleaner Kit with Brush by Clean Kicks

Like that one pair of jeans we love so much, what about those sneakers you wear to absolute death? Whether you’re a sneakerhead or just love taking care of the shoes you have, this 2-piece Sneaker Cleaning Kit by Clean Kicks is for you. It’s not only affordable, it’s effective too. Firstly, the shoe cleaning solution is made to break down any kind of buildup your shoes may collect. Second, it’s gentle on skin because it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or dyes. When it comes to the wooden brush, those synthetic bristles are really going to help loosen up and remove dirt and grime from all the nooks and crannies. Additionally, this duo is designed to work on essentially any shoe material such as rubber, leather, suede, canvas, and more. Clean Kicks is not just limited to sneakers, either. You can use this shoe cleaner kit on boots, heels, cleats, sandals, and all sorts of other footwear. So get this kit and refresh your shoe wardrobe without having to actually purchase any new pairs. Taking great care of the shoes you already own is easier than you think, especially with Clean Kicks.

Sneaker Cleaning Kit
by Clean Kicks

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Gipsy Dharma Black Knee High Leather Boots

Gipsy Dharma Black Knee High Leather Boots

If you haven’t heard of GiPSY Dharma boots before, you must not read this blog because I’m a huge fan and have written several pieces on them in the past. Their signature unique knee high leather boots are handmade and are the conversation piece of your outfit, whether you’re going to a music festival, event, or taking them out on the town. Heading into fall, there are countless shades of neutrals and jewel tones you could go with, but for the sake of this blog post I wanted to feature their classic black leather version. The black moccasin style boot is boho but with a gothic edge.  As I’ve mentioned before in other blog posts, since the leather is super supple and the boot shaft is totally lace-up, Gipsy Dharma boots form to your individual shape and give you a really comfortable wear. While everyone is busting out their biker and riding boots this fall, take an edgier route and go with a statement boot like this!

Knee High Leather Boots
by GiPSY Dharma

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Photo credit: GiPSY Dharma

Isabel Marant Clemence Studded Heels


Happy Wednesday guys! I’m on the verge of a HUGE wardrobe makeover here and I can’t wait to start sharing all my new OMG’s with you. After 6 years of living in the gorgeous, yet somewhat chilly and majorly foggy city of San Francisco… I am headed to the 100 degree heat and dessert weather of Las Vegas! That being said, my scarfs and bootie collection will soon transition into fun nightlife outfits and business casual daytime outfits. The first thing on my dream vegas wishlist are these insane Clemence Studded Heels by the one and only Isabel Marant. Not only could I imagine wearing these out basically every night, they might not even make a bad work shoe paired with cute jeans and a blazer! Here’s to hoping… Viva Las Vegas!

Clemence Studded Heels
by Isabel Marant

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Photo credit: ForwardForward

BEAU+ASHE Crush Wedges


Since starting a personal style blog last fall I’ve come to learn several things about myself. First, I wear wayyyyy too much black. Second, I tend to gravitate towards ‘go to pieces’… aka pieces that are ready and waiting in the front of your closet that you can grab in mad dash and still feel great in. Third, I was seriously lacking in my shoe collection. I’ve never been a big shoe kind of girl, always much more into jewelry and handbags. But once I was able to get over the fact that I stand around 6’ tall in heels, I’ve become totally addicted!

At first I started spending crazy money on designer shoes that I wasn’t totally sure I liked, but wanted to try out. This quickly became a problem BUT I was lucky enough to find a solution. Insert – ShoeDazzle! By becoming a ShoeDazzle member I’ve gotten to try out tons of new styles at a super low cost. The next ones up on my shoegame hitlist are these awesome BEAU+ASHE Crush Wedges!! Between the shiny black coloring to the gold accents, these babies have my name written all over them. Ready… Set… OMGbuymeTHIS!

Crush Wedge Sneakers

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Photo credit: ShoeDazzle

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Pour la Victoire Vara Stud High Heel


Looking to step up your summer shoe game? Look no further! I stumbled across these fantastic Vara Stud High Heels on a recent trip to Bloomingdales, and was totally mesmerized. They are such a refreshing style to all the nude pumps and booties we’ve been seeing this year. I tried them on (went up 1/2 size) and for that small of a heel, they were actually really comfortable. I love the stud details and gold accents, and they’re definitely top of my wishlist!

Vara Stud High Heel
by Pour la Victoire

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Photo credit: Bloomingdales