L’Oreal Evercreme Intense Nourishing Conditioner

L'Oreal Evercreme Intense Nourishing Conditioner

I’ve got some pretty damaged and fine hair, so I don’t let just any hair products touch it. I need something that will nourish my hair but at the same time not weigh it down too much. This conditioner by L’Oreal is the only drugstore conditioner I live and swear by because it packs a powerful punch. It’s sulfate free yet extremely luxurious feeling. Geared more for dry and extra dry hair, this conditioner is extra hydrating and moisturizing perfect for anyone with color-treated, damaged, or fragile hair. But at the same time, it’s not too thick and doesn’t weigh your hair down, rinsing clean and leaving your hair soft, light, and ultra-touchable. This is a shower staple that you’ll never find me without it.

Evercreme Intense Nourishing Conditioner
by L’Oreal

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Photo credit: Walgreens

It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product

It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product

If I had to use only one styling product on my hair (post-shower), It’s a 10’s Miracle Leave-In Product would be it, no contest. This miraculous haircare product is a thick and potent spray that does wonders for your hair (see the list of the 10 things it does below) and is an absolute must-have in my routine. My hair is fine, damaged, color treated, and very tangly, so I rely on this product serve mainly as a detangler, heat protectant and conditioning treatment to  prep for blow dry. Just spritz a few pumps into damp hair, gently massage and comb through, and blow out for silky smooth locks that will stay shiny and sleek all day (or two if you do it well!). Plus, it smells wonderful and a little bit goes a long way.

Does 10 Things Instantly

  1. Repairs dry, damaged hair
  2. Adds shine
  3. Detangles
  4. Controls frizz
  5. Seals & protects hair color
  6. Prevents split ends
  7. Stops hair breakage
  8. Creates silkiness
  9. Enhances natural body
  10. Flat iron spray & thermal protector

Miracle Leave-In Product
by It’s a 10

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Photo credit: Drugstore.com

Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo

Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo

The most torturous thing you can do to your hair is, arguably, washing it every single day. And for those of us with oily scalps, fine hair or phobias of being dirty, the idea of not washing your hair everyday is even a hard pill to swallow. There are lots of dry shampoos on the market, and many of them are pricey, fragrance-laden and just ineffective. Enter Batiste Blush to help you get through the horrors of 2nd and even 3rd day hair. [insert gasp!] This is my favorite dry shampoo out there because it quickly soaks up oil and neutralizes any odor. Just apply to your roots, massage and brush through. It’s light, inexpensive, easily absorbed and leaves less residue behind than would plain baby powder.

Blush Dry Shampoo
by Batiste

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Photo credit: Ulta