GHD Straighteners

Even though I have stick-straight hair, you’d be surprised at how often a flat iron hair straightener comes in handy. Not only can you twirl and flick it to create luscious, bouncy curls, you can also use it to tame down poofy and frizzy 2nd and 3rd day dirty hair. I have yet to invest in one, but I hear GHD is the best of the best. Unlike many flat irons available at the drugstore or big box stores, this flat iron has a few extra bells and whistles that make it far superior than the others. GHD has an ergonomic design that works for both righties and lefties,  and universal voltage so it’ll work wherever you are in the world. Another cool feature is the automatic sleep mode, because we all know we’ve had those panic moments when we can’t remember if we shut off the hair tools before leaving the house. Lastly, this tool heats up super quick so you can get to styling faster. Check out if you’re looking for your first, or next, GHD!

Flat Irons
by GHD

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Kellie Little Groove Elliptic Hair Brush

Kellie Little Groove Elliptic Hair Brush

If you thought hair brushes make little difference in the way your hair looks and feels, think again. The Groove Elliptic Brush by Kellie Little is an incredible brush that’ll transform how you do your hair. First off, the design of the brush takes the best of both worlds from a paddle brush and a round brush. The shape is ergonomic, too, so it’s much easier to give yourself a proper blow out at home. The shape is also ideal for all hair lengths and styles! Next, the bristles are a huge differentiator. There’s a combination of synthetic bristle and boar bristles that will not only detangle, but add loads of shine to your locks. The synthetic bristles are even made a of a special material that’s anti-bacterial. Since they stand a little taller than the boar bristles, the special rounded tips deliver a fantastic scalp massage that is really invigorating as you style. Another thing that’s awesome about this brush is the way it grabs your hair, since the bristles fan out along the brush’s elliptic oval shape. If you’re looking to step up your hair care routine and are interested in a tool that can withstand the rigors of professional salon use, you need this brush. This brush is totally worth the splurge if you need major hair help like me, but also great if you just want an especially well made hair tool that’ll make styling a breeze.

Groove Elliptic Hair Brush
by Kellie Little

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KmXtend Hair Extensions

KmXtend Hair Extensions

As I’ve mentioned before, hair extensions are something I’ve dabbled in over the past few years, and they’re totally one of my guilty pleasures! KmXtend is known for high quality remy hair which is super soft and ready for any styling you’d like to do with it, so obviously I was excited to feature their extensions on the blog. Available in 12 different colors, these double wefted tracks, meaning they are made of double layers of hair, provide a nice full, thick texture and look. They’re 20″ in length and have clips already sewn in so they’re super user-friendly and great for first-timers. This 10-weft set weighs in a total of 150 grams, so it’s not too much to wear at once. Whether you’re looking for more volume or a little extra length, these seem like a great set for beginners.

KmXtend Hair Extensions
$185.00 for 150 grams of clip-ins

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Sachajuan Leave In Conditioner

Sachajuan Leave-in Conditioner

Having recovering, damaged hair, I’m always interested in trying out new conditioners that will replenish, detangle, and prevent further hair breakage. Leave-in conditioner is one of my favorite types of hair products, since it can make combing your hair after a shower 100x easier. This leave-in conditioner by Sachajuan is light and oil-free so it makes hair styling a breeze; just apply to towel dried or slightly damp hair to begin. It contains Ocean Silk Technology to give great body and shine, which also help keep hair and scalp healthy. So it really is something that nourishes from the inside out. Healthy hair is happy hair, and some sort of leave in spray is a vital part of my hair care routine I can never be without. This one is a popular one with stylists and beauty enthusiasts alike, so it’s definitely up on my list of products to try. Did I mention it’s also sulfate and paraben free? Perfect!

Leave-in Conditioner
by Sachajuan

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RegenePure DR Hair & Scalp Treatment

RegenePure DR Hair & Scalp Treatment

You might already know my hair is extremely damaged, so it should make sense that my biggest hair fear next to hair breakage is hair loss. I’ve been looking into specialty shampoos and I recently came across RegenePure DR, a treatment shampoo for battling hair loss and dandruff. A lot of the time, these medicated specialty shampoos can be full of harmful chemicals that actually can do more damage than repair. But that’s not the case with RegenePure DR, which is full of scientifically formulated high quality ingredients. First off it contains the active ingredient Ketoconazole, which is proven to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth by disrupting the production of DHT. Additionally, this shampoo contains emu and jojoba oil to nourish the hair, and caffeine among many other ingredients to stimulate the scalp. The most important thing for me? This product is both sulfate and paraben free. It also contains no synthetic fragrances that I’m extremely sensitive to. Lastly, I feel great because this product is not tested on animals. This is absolutely a wholesome product I would love to add to my hair care routine.

RegenPure DR
by RegenePure

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