Edobio Saketernal Skincare Trio Set

Remember two weeks ago when we shared the Edobio Saketernal Starter Kit? Well those new luxury skin care products now come in full size and a trio set, available for pre-order now and launching on February 25th. Everything is made in Japan and has a true luxury experience start to finish. This three step skin care regimen consists of the Radiance Booster Mask, Fresh Balancing Toner, and Intensive Hydrating Serum. Inspired by the Edo period in Japan, Saketernal is rooted on tradition but also leverages current day biotechnology. The Saketernal line is centered around Sakekasu, otherwise known as sake lees, a natural byproduct of sake brewing. Harnessing the power of this nutrient rich compound and Edobio’s proprietary lactic acid bacteria, this creates both radiance boosting and nourishing formulas. The line is most suitable for normal to dry skin types, targeting everyday skin concerns with brightness, clarity, and overall healthy balance. You can use this skincare trio with your Masu Soap, too!

As for the Radiance Booster Mask, it’s a fragrance-free clay formula fortified with green tea leaf extract and sea silt from Okinawa. This helps deeply absorb impurities. Just apply and leave on for 5-10 minutes then gently rinse away with warm water.

The Fresh Balancing Toner comes in a spray formula so it’s so easy for everyday use. It’s packed with moisturizing ingredients like peach leaf extract among other botanicals. It can also be used after makeup to set or just refresh your face.

Finally, the Intensive Hydration Serum is a moisturizing powerhouse with skin plumping ingredients. It has a dual phase formula of sake lees serum and botanical plant oils, so be sure to shake before using.

Who’s ready for some real everyday luxury skincare? We can’t wait to try!

Saketernal Skincare Trio Set
$198.00 $144.00

OMG buy me THIS.

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