Refreshing Apparel

Refreshing Apparel

Amazing things can grow out of tough and trying times. That’s why I’m excited today to share Refreshing Apparel, an online boutique that just launched, but its journey and founding values were well in the making before that. Refreshing Apparel is a boutique offering clothes, swimwear, accessories, and more that allow you to wear your values and express your mood.

The brand was started by Monica, a Miami based registered nurse who founded a movement called Nurses Support Nurses in 2019 to support front-line workers and also offer custom designed apparel, mugs, and other lifestyle products. From there, the brand grew and evolved into Refreshing Apparel, which includes faith based, patriotic, and trend driven styles that reach a lot more people. Things like the Thou Shall Not Try Me tee and the heart printed swimsuit caught my eye right away, but I already want to buy the Straight Outta Night Shift hoodie for some of my nurse friends. Everything is comfy, cozy, and definitely Instagram worthy!

What’s even more awesome, they have an inspirational podcast called Refresh & Grow which is free to listen to on Spotify. The weekly show covers topics such as personal growth, defining success, overcoming obstacles, and more, sharing life lessons, personal stories, and faith. They also have a Spotify playlist full of refreshing tunes to uplift your mood. So Refreshing Apparel is not only just about the clothes, it’s a movement all about the good vibes and eternal growth!

Clothes, Swimwear, & Accessories
by Refreshing Apparel

OMG buy me THIS.

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