Rachel Zoe Bear Claw Bracelet


Sometimes I wish I had like 7 wrists. Seriously! One of my wrists is dedicated to lifetime pieces aka my St. Croix Anchor of Life bracelet I’ve had on since I was 16 and a few Tiffany & Co. bangles that couldn’t come off if they wanted to at this point. It’s my silver stack and I don’t ever see changing it. So that just leaves one other wrist to fight it out with things like my favorite Michael Kors Runway Watch and all my other current favorite wrist baubles. This Rachel Zoe piece however would make a great addition to my silver stack arm! Needless to say, at $140 I’m hoping that Christmas comes early this year!!

Bear Claw Bracelet
by Rachel Zoe

OMG buy me THIS.

Photo credit: ShopBop

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