BEAU+ASHE Crush Wedges


Since starting a personal style blog last fall I’ve come to learn several things about myself. First, I wear wayyyyy too much black. Second, I tend to gravitate towards ‘go to pieces’… aka pieces that are ready and waiting in the front of your closet that you can grab in mad dash and still feel great in. Third, I was seriously lacking in my shoe collection. I’ve never been a big shoe kind of girl, always much more into jewelry and handbags. But once I was able to get over the fact that I stand around 6’ tall in heels, I’ve become totally addicted!

At first I started spending crazy money on designer shoes that I wasn’t totally sure I liked, but wanted to try out. This quickly became a problem BUT I was lucky enough to find a solution. Insert – ShoeDazzle! By becoming a ShoeDazzle member I’ve gotten to try out tons of new styles at a super low cost. The next ones up on my shoegame hitlist are these awesome BEAU+ASHE Crush Wedges!! Between the shiny black coloring to the gold accents, these babies have my name written all over them. Ready… Set… OMGbuymeTHIS!

Crush Wedge Sneakers

OMG buy me THIS.

Photo credit: ShoeDazzle

Dedicated Post by ShoeDazzle

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