Gipsy Dharma Leather Boots For Women

Gipsy Dharma Leather Boots For Women

In San Francisco, there’s an event nearly every single weekend where you can experiment wildly with style. Whether it’s the How Weird Street Faire, Bay to Breakers, or Pride, there’s always an occasion to step outside in something you normally wouldn’t wear everyday. I recently found these handmade lace-up leather boots by Gipsy Dharma and thought they were just absolutely perfect for summer festival season coming up. Bet you wish you had these at Coachella last month, right? Embrace your inner forest pixie or Pocahontas in these supple leather boots with moccasin style feet. I love the warm tan color and intricate leather braiding that give it a unique touch. Of course, I adore the laces that are forgiving on any calf size. Although this is an indie designer find, this UK gem also ships to the US, Canada, and Australia. Basically all the other countries I’d like to attend music festivals in. And if you’re into cosplay at all – I think these could make for a great twist on Link! Just as long as you don’t steal my idea for Halloween.

Boots in Tan Leather with Tan Lacing
by GiPSY Dharma

OMG buy me THIS.

Photo credit: GiPSY Dharma

3 thoughts on “Gipsy Dharma Leather Boots For Women

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