Diorskin ‘Forever’ Fluid Flawless Perfection Foundation

Diorskin 'Forever' Fluid Flawless Perfection Foundation

When people tell me my skin is looking great, I’m 9 times out of 10 wearing this Dior foundation. I have acne-prone, sensitive, oily to combination skin that is very hard to please. My skin is super finicky and it’s not often it has a good day. I struggle with subtle fine lines (read: crows feet), dry patches, blackheads, redness, and dark circles, like many of us, so it’s really hard to find a foundation that caters to all of my diverse skin needs. This foundation is a miracle worker for me, and it’s worth dropping a little extra cash on. Not only is this foundation long-wearing, it has a lightweight feel that is incomparable to anything I’ve ever tried. It does not leave you feeling like you have a foundation mask on – it just feels like skin! The coverage is absolutely fantastic too – it’s medium to full coverage with a very natural, semi-matte finish. For everyday wear, this foundation packs SPF 25 PA+++ so you’ll be covered for a small amount of sun exposure. I also love that this foundation is very forgiving to the occasion dry patches on my face which are very troublesome with other products because they cling to them and make them appear worse. In short, Diorskin Forever is the perfect foundation that doesn’t look or even feel like a foundation. Definitely ask for a sample when you’re next at Nordstrom; if you have finicky skin concerns like me, you’re going to love it.

Diorskin ‘Forever’ Fluid Flawless Perfection Foundation
in 12 different shades (Chelsea wears 22 Cameo)
by Dior

OMG buy me THIS.

Photo credit: Nordstrom

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