MAC ‘Prep + Prime’ Highlighter Radiant Rose

MAC 'Prep + Prime' Highlighter Radiant Rose

The MAC Prep + Prime brush-on highlighter pen has nonstop buzz in the beauty blogger community right now and I’ve definitely caught the fever. Part brightener and part concealer, this pink-tinted product can be brushed on the delicate skin beneath the eyes to help color correct and cancel out any purple or blue pigmentation or under-eye circles you may have. From the numerous video reviews I’ve watched, the consistency looks very pigmented yet extremely creamy and blendable. I’ve only tried a handful of these brush-on brighteners/concealers from the drugstore, so this one by MAC already sounds like it could be a winner. If the pink-tinted element isn’t your thing, check out the same product in the more yellow/neutral undertoned Light Boost.

MAC ‘Prep + Prime’ Highlighter
in Radiant Rose
by MAC

OMG buy me THIS.

Photo credit: Nordstrom

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