J. Fein Designs Diana Cameo Ring

J.Fein Designs Diana Cameo Ring

I had the pleasure of trying on many creations of J. Fein Designs a while back at Shecky’s Girls Night Out, but this is one piece I didn’t buy (at a discount) that I’m starting to regret. These gorgeous silhouette rings, this one being the Diana Cameo Ring, are made of wood feature different goddess on them and have a real vintage look. I love the ivory white on black, but they also come in creams, grays, browns, oranges, and so on, so there are plenty of looks to match any outfit. The best part? Each piece is handmade from sustainably harvested wood, so they are not only eco-friendly, but eco-chic. A unique piece with a vintage feel that everyone will soon be asking you about.

Diana Cameo Ring
in white on black
by J. Fein Designs

OMG buy me THIS.

Photo credit: J. Fein Designs

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