Dorothy Perkins Apricot Drape Pocket Jacket

Dorothy Perkins Apricot Drape Pocket Jacket

I have been a girl who’s rocked blazers regularly since 9th grade because I was always fond of the professional and polished look it instantly gave any t-shirt or basic tank. Obviously, I am excited that colorful blazers are becoming super popular, easier to find online, and much more affordable. I am absolutely loving this pale apricot orange creamsicle blazer by Dorothy Perkins, a label I’m not too familiar with. Dorothy Perkins’ target demographic is women aged 25-40, but this blazer transcends age groups with its unconventional color and pleating around the waist and cuffs. Can’t you just imagine Kim Kardashian, Lauren Conrad, or Eva Longoria wearing this with distressed denim, strappy heels, a top knot, and oversized shades? That look is just my style, and with just a few sizes left online, I sure hope Dorothy Perkins replenishes their stock so I can add this blazer to my growing collection.

Apricot Drape Pocket Jacket
by Dorothy Perkins

OMG buy me THIS.

Photo credit: Dorothy Perkins

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