Kelly Bergin Silk Trench Coat

Kelly Bergin Silk Trench Coat Style

Just like everyone could use a fun bright denim or top, I think a statement coat is a fabulous item to bust out of the closet from time to time. This slim-fitting trench coat by Kelly Bergin is just that piece. First, feast your eyes on the gorgeous poppy color, and second, notice the sleek silk sheen it gives off. The trench is classic and refined, yet still different and new. Brights always make a comeback, season after season, and you can’t go wrong with the cut of this coat.  For the fashionable, on-the-go, professional woman, I’d say this might just be splurge-worthy!

Silk Trench Coat
in Poppy
by Kelly Bergin

OMG buy me THIS.

Photo credit: Shopbop

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