Sam Edelman Sophie Low Wedge Sandals

Sam Edelman Sophie Low Wedge Sandals

I just love a low profile shoe that sneaks you in a bit of added height. These minimalistic colorblock sandals by Sam Edelman are perfect for spring and summer with the nude/brown base offset by a coral strap. I love the design and the little lift and horizontal straps can actually elongate and accentuate the legs. The color scheme goes with just about anything and would look great with both a neutral or bright pedicure. Adorable with a skirt, sundress, romper, capris, or just about anything else, these shoes have got my mind and body wishing I could be wearing them in another place right now. Anywhere but this rainstorm currently hitting San Francisco!

Sophie Low Wedge Sandals
by Sam Edelman

OMG buy me THIS.

Photo credit: Shopbop

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