Michael Kors Bead Stretch Bracelets

Michael Kors Bead Stretch Bracelet, Rose Golden Michael Kors Bead Stretch Bracelet, Golden

There’s nothing I love more than the bright whites and golds of Michael Kors. There’s just something about his classic style that makes every piece of clothing or accessory scream, casual chic. My latest MK obsession are these fun Bead Stretch Bracelets I discovered on a recent trip to the mall. Stack them on with a oversized watch and you’ve got instant class! In addition to Rose Gold and Golden (shown above), these bracelets also come in a really great Hematite and Silver color.

Bead Stretch Bracelet
in Rose Gold and Golden
by Michael Kors

OMG buy me THIS in Rose Gold or Golden!

Photo credit: Neiman Marcus

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