C&C California Peach Cowlneck Tee

C&C California Peach Cowlneck Tee

Here’s a cute top from casual chic brand C&C California, and perhaps that’s even what the two namesake Cs perfectly stand for. In a breezy linen, this peach cowlneck top is prefect to layer over tanks and bathing suits alike. I was particularly drawn to this piece since it’s a sophisticated bright pop of color – not as bold as a dayglow neon, while not as Easter-like as a typical pastel. As the weather has been improving these past few days here in the Bay Area, rain and clouds will return by Sunday, but I frankly don’t care the weather conditions or season – bring on the bright colors!

Cowlneck Tee
in Peach
by C&C California

OMG buy me THIS.

Photo credit: Bloomingdale’s

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