Black Coco Drape Front Dress

Black Coco Drape Front Dress

Regardless of your current relationship status today, Mallory and I would like to wish all of you, our wonderful readers, a lovely Valentine’s Day! This post is an ode to the little black dress; an item which I firmly believe every girl should have in their closet, on reserve for both the festive nights out and likewise for the most ordinary of occasions. This particular LBD from Bloomingdale’s Aqua line is a solid choice at a great price. In a stretchy poly-blend material with the cap sleeves, v-neckline, elasticized waistline and careful pleats, I see this being a great dress for different builds and shapes, while still keeping a tailored look. Black dresses go with everything, are quite slimming, and are an outfit you can rely on time and time again. I don’t always wear a black dress, but when I do, it’s never out of style.

Coco Drape Front Dress
by Aqua

OMG buy me THIS.

Photo credit: Bloomingdale’s

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