Minty Green Frosted Bowler Bag

Minty Green Frosted Bowler Bag

Last year I got really into the mint nail trend (Sally Hansen’s Refreshmint polish, anyone?), but I always wondered why I never incorporated the pastel hue anywhere else in my wardrobe. Since a mint pant or top might be a bit too much for me, check out this chic and funky bowler bag from ASOS, the cool online retailer where you can always find super unique items as well as the designer look for less. First off, it’s made of PVC, something you don’t see in tasteful trendy pieces all too often. Before you get all weird and give up on this bag, notice that it has a slightly frosty finish and grey stripe along the bottom adding dimension and a neutral color making it easily anchor to most outfits. I’m in need of a new purse and I’m in the mood for something out of the norm, so this bag is it.

Frosted Bowler Bag
by ASOS Collection

OMG buy me THIS.

Photo credit: ASOS

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