Pearl Tropical Print Pencil Skirt

Pearl Tropical Print Pencil Skirt

While I boast a lovely collection of skirts in all cuts, colors and feels (houndstooth, polka dot, linen, tweed pencils, and cotton a-line being some of my favorites), it’s not quite complete because this tropical floral pencil skirt by Pearl stopped me dead in my tracks while browsing through ASOS – I’ve just got to have it! This print takes me to a place full of beach-side nightlife, cabanas, warm nights, mojitos, mai tais, pina coladas, and the faint scent of cigars and saltwater in the air. Whether adorned with solid black or white, or played up by any of the supporting colors like the lovely pinks, oranges, greens and sky blues, I think this skirt is a must for any tropical getaway, or just a festive night out on the town.

Pearl Tropical Print Pencil Skirt
by Pearl
$71.62 $35.81

OMG buy me THIS.

Photo credit: ASOS

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