Paloma Leather Legging Jeans

Paige Denim Paloma leather Leggings

Today’s post serves as the solution to that age old problem we all have… sometimes you just don’t want to wear pants! Am I right? There are some mornings I wake up and can’t bare the thought of squeezing into some jeans with a day full of meetings ahead. There are also similar mornings when I just have no interest in getting dolled up enough to pull off a dress. My solution? Leggings! These particular Paloma Leather Leggings from Paige Denim are great because they are thick enough to keep you warm and will work perfectly for both the office or casual daytime look. Throw on a nice white tunic, blazer and statement necklace and you’re ready for work. Throw on your favorite tee, big chunky sweater and some great bangles and you’re ready to face the world!

Paloma Leather Legging Jeans
in Black
by Paige Denim

OMG buy me THIS.

Photo credit: Shopbop

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