Rachel Zoe Natalie Tie Collar Blouse

Rachel Zoe Natalie Tie Collar Blouse

We know, we know, blouses can sometimes be so blaaah. Having been there all too often, I bring to you this: the Zoe Natalie Tie Collar Blouse. For those of you who want to flaunt some style and personality in your work wardrobe, I recommend this leopard silk blouse by Rachel Zoe, as an easy way to bring the flare back to your everyday work attire. Worn with a black camisole underneath and a black blazer over the top, I think this blouse is a fantastic way to switch up the work wardrobe, without looking too flashy. Accent off with gold jewelry like bangles or cocktail rings and all you’ll need is a little eyeliner and extra mascara in your purse to make that instant day-to-night transition. Rawr.

Natalie Tie Collar Blouse
in Panther
by Rachel Zoe
$295.00 $206.99

OMG buy me THIS.

Photo credit: Piperlime

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