Kate Spade New York ‘Cobblestone’ Bib Necklace

kate spade new york 'cobblestone' bib necklace

I was on a post happy hour mall cruise last week when I literally stopped a sales girl in the Bloomingdales jewelry section dead in her tracks. At first I thought what I was looking at was a really gorgeous embellished blouse, but on further investigation I found that it was one of the most stunning bib necklace I’ve ever seen! This necklace by Kate Spade gives the term statement necklace an entire new meaning. It hangs so perfectly and elegantly and the detailed stones wrap almost around your entire neck. I could definitely picture myself wearing this with a high neck mini dress, or even with a great blouse and skinnys. 2012 resolution number 11 –  own this necklace!

‘Cobblestone’ Bib Necklace
by Kate Spade New York
Was $298 on sale for $198.90

OMG buy me THIS.

Photo credit: Nordstrom

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