Tirelessly Tasteful Gloves

Tirelessly Tasteful Gloves

Gloves are an accessory I have yet to invest in, but I think I’ve found my first pair worthy of starting a collection. I stumbled across this pair of vintage-style red leather gloves when combing for content for this week’s Modcloth Monday post, and I am in love. These gorgeous gloves are adorned with lady-like bows and a discrete snap button closure, making for the perfect pop of color under a cape or peacoat this winter. For now, I can only dream of wearing these tirelessly chic gloves some future spring, driving down a windy mountain road in a classic convertible.  Definitely an accessory to add to your repertoire, even for the [many] seasons and years to come.

Tirelessly Tasteful Gloves

OMG buy me THIS.

Photo credit: ModCloth

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