Sleeveless Glossy Purple Jersey Top

Sleeveless Glossy Purple Jersey Top

If you know one thing about my everyday wardrobe, it’s that I wear a lot of stuff from H&M, and it’s for good reason too. Not only do their clothes tend to fit me well, whatever I wear from H&M on any given day is usually my most complimented garment of clothing in any given outfit – whether it’s a dress, skirt, sweater, top, scarf or piece of jewelery. In fact, I think I’ve found my next new item to add to Chelsea’s “best of H&M” collection. Check out this great inexpensive party-appropriate top for the upcoming holiday season. The gorgeous shade of purple first caught my eye, and the sexy drape neckline second.  Pair with leggings or dark denim, contrast with a structured blazer, top off with black enamel or onyx accessories, and you’re done. Need I say more?

in Purple, Black, Gold

OMG buy me THIS.

Photo credit: H&M

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