Versaille Dye Glam Necklace

Erickson Beamon for BaubleBar

For the past three decades Karen Erickson and Vicki Beamon have been creating jewelry praised by designers, celebrities and stylists alike. From the First Lady to Lady Gaga, Erickson Beamon jewels can be seem draped and dripped among the ranks of high fashion power players. September marked a new chapter in BaubleBar history when they announced the beginning of a new line – FUSION – that would consist of collaborations and collections between BaubleBar and some of our favorite designers. Erickson Beamon was the first up to bat with their Erickson Beamon for BaubleBar Collection. It’s a bit pricier than normal BB selections, but substantially less than normal EB jewelry. The collection is a glamorous fusion of classic EB colors and boldness with an art deco twist. Pieces range from $62 – $250. The Versaille Dye Glam Necklace is the centerpiece of the collection and is truly a work of art.

Versaille Dye Gam Necklace
by Erickson Beamon for BaubleBar

OMG buy me THIS.

Photo credit: BaubleBar

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