Givenchy Vax’in For Youth

Givenchy Vax'in For Youth

Since we all know there is no such thing as anti-aging, there are only preventative skincare products, spending a little more money now versus more down the road is the more cost effective way to go. Now, I know luxury skincare is an indulgence I simply can’t afford,  but this youth boosting serum named Vax’in from Givenchy does wonders for the skin and it’s worth a look into. The serum’s formula is lightweight, velvety smooth and packed with a moisturizing, nutrient-rich concoction that your skin sucks up. It works as most serums do; just apply by patting into clean, dry skin (post-toner, for me) before applying your normal day or night moisturizer. I received a deluxe sized sample as a Sephora Beauty Insider Perk earlier this year, and over one week of use, my overall skin texture was smoother, plumper and brightened (people said I looked more awake). My wallet is afraid to admit it, but I think I’ve found my newest skincare routine staple.

Vax’in For Youth
by Givenchy

OMG buy me THIS.

Photo credit: Sephora

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