Day 13 — Liz Taylor and the Alexis Bittar Triple Strand Pearl Necklace

elizabeth taylor and alexis bittar pearl necklace

Day 13: Something that reminds you of your favorite fashion icon: For almost my entire childhood Sunday nights only meant one thing, movie night. The best movie nights were the ones where my grandmother would come over and bring all her favorite Elizabeth Taylor movies. From National Velvet, to Cleopatra my love for her just grew stronger and stronger. I had never seen anybody who could express themselves so perfectly with every piece of jewelry she picked. She was a major influence in my current career/love/obsession of jewelry. This Alexis Bittar necklace really stood out to me as something she would definitely ohh and ahh over. This pearl necklace plays with subtle color and striking textures to illuminate your ensemble. The juxtaposition of organic shapes, a cool gunmetal hue, and glittering Swarovski® crystals offers an inimitable bohemian-meets-glamourous aesthetic. Stunning is basically all we have to say!

Triple Strand Pearl Necklace
by Alexis Bittar

OMG buy me THIS.

Photo credit: Bergdorf Goodman

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