Uncommon Nighthawk Hood

Uncommon Nighthawk Hood

Now this piece is surely unlike anything we’ve shared before, even after nearly a years-worth of torturous posts on pieces we’re dying over. Unsure how to even categorize this post (outerwear? sweater? both?), we can definitely agree that nighthawks are fierce, and this hood shrug is no different. Linked with a delicate chain, channel Robin Hood, Braveheart, Princess Mononoke, or whatever other valiant hero you fancy, and take on the night. Wear it as a statement over the plainest of tees or LBDs; while it might not be the best habitat camouflage, you’ll at least look stunning while stalking your prey. Go get ’em.

Uncommon Nighthawk Hood
by Spirit Hoods

OMG buy me THIS.

Photo credit: ModCloth

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