Green & Black Velvet Rose Ballet Flats

Green & Black Velvet Rose Ballet Flats

Paul Smith is easily one of my favorite designers, and not just because one of my close friends shares his name. I love everything about the label’s funky, colorful takes on men’s nouveau preppy collared shirts, sharp pleats, grape skittle lined blazers, loud neckties and quirky cufflinks. The ladies line is no different, and every time I walk into the store, I’m drawn to their vibrant scarves, dainty tiaras, luxurious bags, pompous coats, and of course their fabulous shoes. This ballet flat has caught my eye time and time again, coming in both this mossy green and a merlot shade – both great fits for the holidays! The beautiful, rustic color finish on the velvet with the slightly feminine rose adornment makes this a classy flat fit for any occasion, don’t you think?

Green & Black Velvet Rose Ballet Flats
SKU# 7686737 at Zappos
by Paul Smith

OMG buy me THIS.

Photo credit: Zappos Couture

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