Molly Chrono Leather Strap Watch

Molly Chrono Leather Strap Watch

Here goes our first watch post, paying homage to one of our favorite funky lines – MARC  BY MARC JACOBS. The double hooked harness that grabs the matte black bezel is probably one of my favorite elements to this geek yet chic watch. I’m really digging the cuff-like leather wrist strap juxtaposed with the chronograph face; just an ounce of Agent 007 adorned with a pearly metallic pink. The pink dials and MARC buttons really finish the piece off on a nice note. Totally unique, and totally wearable. I just adore it.

p.s. where are all my watch snobs out there? Should we start a Watch Wednesday featurette? Tell us what you think!

Molly Chrono Leather Strap Watch
in Black (also available in Black/Gold and White)

OMG buy me THIS.

Photo credit: Nordstrom

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