The Farrah Set

Bad Gal Society The Farrah Set

2020 has been the year of loungewear, and we are totally here for it. There is a color, print, and cut out there for everyone. Whether you’re wearing it to work from home, chill from home, or don safely socially distanced out in the world, comfort is king. Tie dye matching loungewear sets always grab our attention and this set from Bad Gal Society nails it in every way. The Farrah Set from Bad Gal Society is a gorgeous neutral tie dye coordinated set, featuring a cropped drawstring hoodie and matching bike short bottoms. The muted tones of tan, brown, cream, gray, and slate blue perfectly fit a fall style color palette, but also work year round with the neutrals. The fabric blend has some stretch to it too, making it extra comfortable to wear. Long sleeves keep you covered, but the shorts show a little leg which is perfect for transitional fall weather. Fall equinox is tomorrow, after all! But we are also coveting some of Bad Gal Society’s slinky slip dresses, bold animal print bodysuits, and chic slide sandals. The brand offers fast free worldwide shipping as well, so don’t sleep on them!

The Farrah Set
by Bad Gal Society

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Exfolika Ultrasonic Scrubber

Exfolika Ultrasonic Scrubber

Here at OMG we’re big fans of skin care. Some of the most exciting innovations in skin care are the new technology and devices that have launched over the last few years. The industry has come a long way since the basic spin brush! Enter Skindalicious. They make an ultrasonic scrubber device called Exfolika. It uses sonic pulsations to improve the appearance and health of your skin. The spatula shaped device pluses at 30k pulses per minute to provide a gentle yet deep cleanse like nothing else. Unlike competing brands, Exfolika offers a higher pulse velocity and 5 different cleansing modes. To use, just wet your skin, add a little serum, and gently glide the applicator tip across your face to loosen and lift up impurities, removing blackheads, minimizing sebaceous filaments, and eliminating excess oil. Exfoliation like this allows your skin to absorb skin care such as serums, moisturizers, and other actives on a much deeper level. Just use once or twice a week for a little glow up and you’ll be amazed at all the gunk the applicator tip visibly picks up. The key to healthy glowing skin is gentle exfoliation, and this device is suitable for all skin types. In a time when it’s hard to see our aestheticians regularly, this is the perfect mini treatment to do at home.

Exfolika Ultrasonic Scrubber
by Skindalicious
$249 $120
use code 313 444 4022 for $20 off

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Vertabrae Verty Eyes Sunglasses

Verty Eyes Sunglasses

No outfit is complete without the right accessories. No matter the weather, sunglasses are always a must in my eyes. These sleek shades from Vertabrae, designed by Dyeland London, come in two colorways and I can’t figure out which I love more. They have the perfect 90s-inspired rectangle silhouette with an updated vibe with the pink or brown lenses. They would look amazing with any of the other capsule essentials the brand makes, like the french terry pants and classic 100% cotton graphic tees. The Verty Eyes shades would look fantastic dressed up this summer as well, with either a slip dress and denim jacket or oversized blouse and linen shorts. The wide arms on the sunglasses lend themselves to a more comfortable fit, and they also feature the brand’s emblem for an extra bold touch. We love supporting and sharing emerging brands and these sleek stunners were an easy choice for today’s OMG pick.


Verty Eyes
in Clear Grey, Tortoise Shell
by Vertabrae

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Refreshing Apparel

Refreshing Apparel

Amazing things can grow out of tough and trying times. That’s why I’m excited today to share Refreshing Apparel, an online boutique that just launched, but its journey and founding values were well in the making before that. Refreshing Apparel is a boutique offering clothes, swimwear, accessories, and more that allow you to wear your values and express your mood.

The brand was started by Monica, a Miami based registered nurse who founded a movement called Nurses Support Nurses in 2019 to support front-line workers and also offer custom designed apparel, mugs, and other lifestyle products. From there, the brand grew and evolved into Refreshing Apparel, which includes faith based, patriotic, and trend driven styles that reach a lot more people. Things like the Thou Shall Not Try Me tee and the heart printed swimsuit caught my eye right away, but I already want to buy the Straight Outta Night Shift hoodie for some of my nurse friends. Everything is comfy, cozy, and definitely Instagram worthy!

What’s even more awesome, they have an inspirational podcast called Refresh & Grow which is free to listen to on Spotify. The weekly show covers topics such as personal growth, defining success, overcoming obstacles, and more, sharing life lessons, personal stories, and faith. They also have a Spotify playlist full of refreshing tunes to uplift your mood. So Refreshing Apparel is not only just about the clothes, it’s a movement all about the good vibes and eternal growth!

Clothes, Swimwear, & Accessories
by Refreshing Apparel

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NagaSona Hyaluronic Acid Illuminating Serum

NagaSona Hyaluronic Acid Illuminating Serum

Are you looking for a one and done serum that doesn’t break the bank? Today’s OMG has you covered: meet NagaSona. NagaSona is a handmade skin care brand developed by a cosmetic scientist, blending together the efficacy of potent ingredients and the nourishing botanicals found in nature. This hyaluronic acid based serum combines the hydrating benefits of a humectant, plus the resurfacing and brightening properties from AHAs. If you’ve never heard of hyaluronic acid, it’s a powerhouse at helping your skin retain moisture, but it also helps fight free radicals, prevent signs of aging, and promote radiance. Delivering it in serum is great because it can penetrate deep into the skin before other skin care is layered on top. Alpha hydroxy acids help unclog pores, remove dead skin cells, and overall improve the appearance of skin tone. If your skin is feeling dull, uneven, or dehydrated, this serum gives a shot of moisture and glow. What I love most about it is the gel formula that instantly turns into a water-like texture when spread across the skin. It leaves behind a smooth, glass skin like finish. Most importantly, it dries down super thin so you can easily layer a moisturizer and sunscreen on top. Sunscreen is a must everyday, but especially when using products like acids that increase sun sensitivity. I’ve been testing the product for a couple weeks now and I love it. It’s naturally based, backed with real ingredients you can identify like sugar cane extract, glycerin, licorice root extract, orange extract, and so on. The serum is also free of silicone, fragrance, and parabens, which can be irritating. As someone with sensitive skin, I value that a lot and this product is suitable for all skin types. Sometimes all you need for that little extra glow isn’t intense masks or expensive facial treatments, a daily serum packed with the right blend of ingredients and potency can be a more impactful choice.

Hyaluronic Acid Illuminating Serum
by NagaSona

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